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Upcoming Events

Be sure to check out our featured events section by using the events menu above to see the exciting things coming up at Shadow Rock!

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Get Plugged In!

Volunteers are an integral part of Shadow Rock Church. Get plugged in to community and Shadow Rock by volunteering!

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Experience Team

First impressions are a big deal.  Those who are on the Experience Team are serving in roles that will often be the key impression left behind of the church when first-timer attends Shadow Rock Church.  That is why it is critical to have volunteers who are excited and passionate about helping newcomers (and long time attenders) have a positive experience.  From parking, to door greeters, to ushers and our Baristas, all Experience Team volunteers play a vital role in setting the culture of Shadow Rock and your help is needed!

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Worship is a key ingredient in setting the tone and atmosphere for people to allow God's presence to touch their hearts.  We need talented, quality musicians, singers, sound operators to help make this experience the best it can be.  If you're interested in helping lead others in this important role, please speak with one of our team leaders at the end of any of our services.

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Kids Matter

At Shadow Rock, we believe in investment into kids. Click the link above to learn more about Shadow Rock Kid's Ministries!

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From help counting attendance, to helping with the kitchen or building facilities, there is always plenty of opportunities to serve with administration responsibilities.  Do you have a talent or a skill you want to volunteer to use? Please let us know so we can plug you in where help is needed!

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Children and Youth

Our precious little ones are the next generation leaders of the church.  Investment into their spiritual growth is a priority for us at ShadowRock Church.  We need volunteers who are compassionate, nurturing and ready to dedicate providing a place for kids and students to connect with God, each other, and their purpose in life.

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