Worship is an integral part of what we do. It's about praising God with everything in us. We do this with singing, clapping, lifting our hands, but worship is even more than that. It's living your life completely devoted to him and honoring him with everything we do. We believe everyone is a worshipper. 

Our worship and tech teams are here to help foster an environment where we can worship God together. There are so many opportunities for you in our creative team. Use your talents for God and make a difference!


All members of the worship band are a valuable part of the creative experience. If you’ve got talent that you’d like to use to serve, we’d love to hear from you!
Acoustic Guitar
Electric Guitar

Audio/Video & Media Production

There are many different roles that go into creating a high quality service. Do you have a talent with video editing, or other aspects of professional media? Talk to us about areas you can use that gift to serve here at Shadow Rock Church!
Sound Engineering
Mix the sound for our in-person services
Camera Switching
Switch between camera feeds and remotely change camera angles
Video and Slide Operating
Control all video and slide content
Stream Mixing
Mix the sound for our online services
Camera Operating
Operate one of our manned videos cameras
Photo Shooting
Shoot photos of our in-person services and events
Let's get started!
If you would like to serve on the worship and/or production team, fill out your information below!